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REBEL Parenting with Ryan & Laura Dobson

Dec 10, 2021

REBEL Parenting, the fastest path to a GREAT relationship with your kids!

1. Ryan discusses the REBEL Parenting mindset

2. Get To vs. Have To

3. Learning how to listen so that our kids will talk more!

Nov 9, 2021

Ryan talks about his recent accident, surgery, and healing process. Then, Ryan talks about his new book project which deals with MARRIAGE & PARENTING!! We start Part 1 in this series on how to repair, rebuild, strengthen, and fix relationships alone. Make your marriage better even when your spouse isn't on the same...

Oct 11, 2021

Good News!! NO CANCER!!

Jul 7, 2021

Thank you to our sponsors for providing cost free advice and help to you all!! Code "REBEL" for a big discount! Code "REBEL" for a free month!

May 18, 2021

Ryan & Laura started off their marriage with BAGGAGE!! Ryan had been married & divorced and Laura's parents divorced when she was in High School. How do two broken people make a marriage and family work? By INVESTING in their marriage! The investment is WORTH IT!! for more info